Tobor Alien Robot

Tobor the Alien Robot is stuck on earth without power help him recharge to go back to his home planet. Tilt your device to help Tobor pick-up the power modules but be careful of the enemy obstacles like bombs and Mines that were put in place to destroy Tobor.

Unlock Special In-Game bonus items. Once items are unlocked pick them up during the game to receive extra bonus points and special powers to help you last longer in the game. The Longer you last in the game the higher your points.


How to Play Guide

Tilt your device to move Tobor left or right as it runs through the environment. Your goal is to collect as many battery power packs and Nuclear power as you can to get the highest score before losing both hearts. Avoid the enemy obstacles like bombs and mines to last as long as you can each round.

You can tap the screen at any moment to pause the game. The pause screen will also show you the items you've unlocked so far.

How to Score!

Battery power Packs

Collect these to increase your score. If you collect them sequentially (try your best not to miss any!), you'll get significantly more points (also known as a "combo").


Nuclear Power

Nuclear Power(or equivalent themed items) give you points, but don't give any bonus points for collecting them sequentially (combos). Rather, Nuclear Power are worth more depending on how long you've lasted in the round. The Further down your are in the round the greater the points.

Unlock-able Items

Items are unlocked when you reach specific score thresholds (10k, 20k, 50k, 70k). Once unlocked they look like little Colorful Shields. When you pick them up during a game, they provide a score bonus as well as an effect that will help you last longer in the round. Each color represents a different special power. Items unlocked in easy mode do not show up in medium or hard mode.

Orange Shield - 10,000 Points- Also known as the fire shield. When picked up will destroy all the enemies on the screen.



Blue Shield - 20,000 Points - Also know as the invisible shield. When picked up will give you the power of invisibility for 10 seconds



Green Shield - 50,000 Points -  Also known as the elecrtro Shield. When picked up will destroy all enemies on contact.



Red Shield- 70,000 Points - Also know as the heart shield. When picked up you will gain a extra life if you are missing one.




Last long enough and you'll cross a checkpoint. You'll earn 3,000 points every time you cross a checkpoint, and even more starting on your fifth checkpoint in a single round. Tobor will move faster every time you cross a checkpoint (making the game harder) so earn as many points as you can before reaching them!

Things to Avoid

Avoid all of the following enemies and obstacles (as well as equivalent themed objects):



If you touch a bomb, whether it was intentional or on accident, you lose both of your hearts and the game is over. The only exception is if you pick up the Invincibility or electro Shield and their effects are still active. In easy mode, you lose only one heart.


Land Mine

Running into these will cost you a heart. Note that when you pick up the Electro shield which is the green shield you are not protected from the mine. The Mine will cost you a heart.



Robot Trap

Be careful of Running into these. They will not only cost you a heart, but some hard-earned points as well.